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22. September 2016

Filling the Weather Display of the HomeCenter 2 with your own Values

In this article we are going to present you a virtual device, with whom you can change the weather display on your Fibaro HomeCenter 2 by own values (for instance caused by the values of a netatmo outside-module or the data of the Z-Weather). Further information below.

Let us start at the beginning: The API of the yahoo-weather service experienced some changes in the early past, due to them, no updates of the weather display were implemented anymore. The display and the triggering of scenes, which access the weather data (Small LUA Scripts Part 2: storm warning) has not been functioning from that moment on. With the update to firmware version 4.082 Beta, Fibaro changed the [...]

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21. September 2016

Small LUA Scripts Part 7: Checking the Weather Conditions

You want to perform the proper actions at certain weather conditions? Do you want your RGBW-Modules to start the “storm” program when a thunderstorm is approaching? Or do you want your lights to shine yellow when the sky is clear? Then you definitely have to read this article.

Now you can certainly claim: “I thought this already works!”. Yes, it does work. But we kind of extended the possibilities a little. As you can see in the next picture, Fibaro is using the “Weather Conditions” to compare weather conditions and afterwards implement an action. The API by yahoo, resp. does not redeliver this kind of information, though. You merely receive a number, which will then be [...]

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26. May 2016

Using Z-Weather in the Fibaro HomeCenter 2

With the Popp Z-Weather one can measure more than only the velocity of wind. But exactly this measurement did not work with the Fibaro HomeCenter 2 until now. That is actually rather bad for an anemometer. In this article you will find out how after all, it is working now.

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6. April 2016

Fibaro Smoke Sensor in Practice – How to code your smoke alarm

On-road-test?  What does that mean, will you learn in the following article …

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