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10. September 2016

Fibaro RGBW in a pendent light or the Wofi LED Ring for modern living

The RGBW Module by Fibaro is able to actuate way more than just the LED Stripes from the home improvement center. This way your modern lamps become smart.

I really have not been blogging that much on siio lately. This was not because I was on vacation, but because I moved with bag and baggage and Smart Home. But 2x Daniel (Daniel König and Daniel Böber), as well as Gabriel, alias AlphaX2, Kevin, and Hamashi entertained you pretty well during that time.

My new home is an old mill with course of a stream and mill wheel, which after a structural restoration now provides modern apartments. This also means much space for my toys :-) I decided to show you a [...]

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24. November 2015

Fibaro iPad Tablet App this way you can individually adjust your Dashboard

This is a short instruction, to how you can adjust the Dashboard of your Fibaro App.

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21. November 2015

Fibaro Motion Eye – Adjusting the Sensitivity of the Brightness (LUX)

Shortly noted: In case your motion sensor is showing dream values even though it is dark inside the room – this is the solution. First of all, I would like to thank Ben, who informed me about this feature. Both of our Fibaro Motion Eyes show a pretty absurd Lux Value for the brightness. In my case it was 47 Lux in a very bright room. In his case it was 150 Lux in a pitch-black room.

This can be fixed with just a few clicks. Ben found out, that under settings, you can change a parameter, which shows, at what difference in Lux the Fibaro Motion Eye is going to report the values to the Fibaro Home Center. By default, this is at 200. This means, the change will not be reported to [...]

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20. November 2015

Philips Hue as a virtual module in the Fibaro HC2

The Philips Hue lights as first of their kind meanwhile enjoy more and more popularity despite their high price. The Smartphone Control is a nice gadget but at the same time a curse as well.

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