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Amazon Fire TV update unlock USB port – so it works with Kodi

by crazykevin5. July 2015

Amazon has rolled out an update for Amazon Fire TV box and stick a few days ago. In the update, several new features are availabe – including the USB port for storage media is unlocked.

USB port of the Amazon TV Box usable for USB sticks & hard drives

Since the new update of the USB port on the back has finally a function. I connected a 2.5” 150 GB hard drive for testing and can say it works. The AFTV Box will automatically detect the hard drive formatted and this, so beware who wants to connect the hard drive ready. Please connect and format by the AFTV first and then remove and record onto data. If you forget it anyway do not worry, you will have to confirm formatting.

Amazon TV Box - Einstellungen

Amazon TV Box – Settings

X-Ray function

(Information in movie faded)

As part of the update box and stick still get the X-Ray function. During an ongoing video (not Kodi), press the “UP” key and recognize an actor or music tracks. A chapter search was implemented in the same breath.

In cloud drive photos and video can be marked favorites now.

Minor bugs were also fixed. Here is not said which.

USB memory with Kodi

After updating my Kodi still works. Installations on adbfire etc are still possible. A win is that you are able to wind up your own library without NAS but on USB hard disk – and can play on the AFTV box. This turns out, somewhat different.

Once you have the hard drive on the AFTV Box formatted, added with data and reconnected to the AFTV, you start Kodi and proceed as usual inflict before the files. There you can see a new point extUSB.

Click there on it – now you can already see your folder structure, I created a test basis series, movies, children. Pressing down on the remote control as long as you reach your desired folder. Then press the button, but only with the 3 strokes, set there on content.

For me „change content“ is already availible because you can switch back when ever you want. After you have clicked on content set, you see the standard settings for the scraper. If you are using this for all folders and you already have a local solution to use Kodi as smart Media Player.

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translated by Paul

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