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How to get Kodi into start menu of Amazon Fire TV

by crazykevin2. July 2015

In this tutorial i will explain you, how to start XBMC/Kodi directly from the start menu, without inconvenient navigation through the settings.

How to install Kodi, the new XBMC, easily to Amazon Fire TV , to stream files and media throug the internet, we explained in this tutorial: So installierst du XBMC Kodi auf dein Amazon Fire TV.

To start Kodi, usually you had to navigate throug the settings very inconveniently. Here i will explain you shortly, how to get Kodi icon directly to the homescreen of your Amazon Fire TV:

You need following:

  1. Ikono TV
  2. adbfire v1.17 or higher (important, because there was an update from Ikono tv)
  3. Llama

1. Ikono TV

Install: Ikono TV app from App Store.

Voice Search is maybe not working in this application. You can choose and install by remote control. There is no need to open the app.

2. adbFire v1.17 oder v.1.18

Now you have to use your computer to download adbFire ab v1.17 or higher and start it.

Then you need the IP of your Fire TV Box. Register your IP via setup, save and connect.


Click Llama Options too, hook Install Llama in menu item Llama Events on Link Kodi to Ikono TV.

In menu item Ikono TV Icon you have the choice between XBMC Logo and Kodi Logo. Choose item Replace IkonoTV Icon with Kodi Icon – then press OK.

If there is an error displayed “Kodi is not installed”, you have to call up settings/Kodi package name and change “org.xbmc.xbmc” to “org.xbmc.kodi”, or otherwise.

Don’t forget to save your changes. Llama now was successfully installed to your ATV.

3. LIama

If it work’s, the Kodi item will be displayed on your homescreen now. Click the Kodi item and if you’re lucky, it’s done. If not: continue here.

Call up settings/applications/app manager, choose the installed Llama and start it.

  • Click + (Plus) in the right bottom and create a new rule
  • add condition
  • active application
  • Choose application -> Ikono TV. The status must be displayed as Application started or in the foreground. Then press OK.
  • First Add incident, then End application, subsequently select the Ikono TV item and press OK.
  • Now Add incident once again, then Start application. Acoording to which you have chosen, select Kodi/XBMC.

Usually the rule is visible now. Disconnect power and restart your ATV.

If it worked out, the Kodi item is now visible at your homescreen. Click it and you see the Ikono TV item, how it trys to start and is closed directly. Following this, Kodi is starting asap

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