Control Underfloor Heating via Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Module

by crissxcross28. September 2015

There are different kinds of underfloor heating and they can be controlled differently as well. These are a few tips about which components of Smart Home are suitable to control underfloor heating.

The kinds of underfloor heating differ in:

  • Electric Underfloor Heating
  • Hydrophilic Underfloor Heating
Picture © H. Raab @wikipedia.de

warm water guided underfloor heating Picture © H. Raab @wikipedia.de

There are several opportunities how to regulate the hydrophilic underfloor heating. On the one hand the underfloor heating can be controlled directly via valves, similar to a radiator. In this instance you can revert to the Homematic Radio Actuators or at Z-Wave to the Stella-Z Stellantriebe in many cases.

Picture © Geheimnisträgerin @wikipedia.de

Control of a warm water guided underfloor heating Picture © Geheimnisträgerin @wikipedia.de

On the other hand the hydrophilic underfloor heating can, as well as the electric heating, be regulated via an electronic signal. For this purpose, RWE SmartHome directly created the RWE Smart Home Package Underfloor Heating. . WWhoever relies on the Z-Wave radio standard should check out the post by HCL24. (Link). He describes how to actuate an underfloor heating via Fibaro RGBW Module.

Picture © smarthome.hlc24.de

Fibaro RGBW Module for the Control of Underfloor Heating Picture © smarthome.hlc24.de

Thereby, the Fibaro Flood Sensor is able to act as temperature sensor, because besides its function as water sensor it also has a tilt sensor and a temperature sensor.

##Update Dec.2014: Find out how to control electric valves via Z-Wave, without having to write a single line in the LUA Code on here: Fibaro Shortcuts: This is how your Underfloor Heating is going to be smart as well!

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