Fibaro Shortcuts: This is how your underfloor heating is going to be smart as well!

by crissxcross27. September 2015

Whoever wants to control their underfloor heating with the Fibaro Home Center, can access the function “Shortcuts” and with that, does not even need programming skills.

I already gave a little overview, on which opportunities are available for the control of the different underfloor heating systems, in my article “Control underfloor heating via Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Module“. For the controlling with electric valves, for instance, the use of the Fibaro RGBW Module would be possible. Though, this requires a somewhat more extensive LUA Script.

In their blog, the guys from hcl24.de described a solution for the underfloor heating with help of the Fibaro Double Relay Switch (FGS-221) ) and the function “shortcuts” in the Fibaro Home Center.

This is how it works:

The following is a connection example for the underfloor heating with electric 24 Volt actuators.

Picture© smarthome.hlc24.de

Fibaro Double Relay Switch for the controlling of underfloor heating Picture© smarthome.hlc24.de

Besides the Fibaro Double Relay Switch , a temperature sensor has to be installed and trained to the Home Center for the solution as well. This could for instance be adopted by the Fibaro Motion Sensor or the integrated temperature sensor in the Fibaro water Detector . Of course, any Fibaro Window Sensor, works as well, if it is equipped with the optional temperature sensor. (click the following to get to the tutorial: Fibaro Fensterk: Fibaro Window Sensor with Temperature & Binary Inputontakt mit Temperatur & Binär Eingang).

FIBARO Function – Shortcuts

As already said, no single line in LUA is necessary for this solution process. The solution reverts to the integrated Heat-Panel, as well as the function “shortcuts”, of the Fibaro Home Center.

You can find this function on the web surface of your Fibaro Home Center under: Control > Shortcuts

Fibaro Home Center – Control – Shortcuts

Fibaro Home Center – Control – Shortcuts

On here, you can manage the shortcuts of Heating, Air Conditioning, Humidity, and the Video Gateway. You logically need the shortcut “heating” for your underfloor heating.

Fibaro HC – connected module heating

Fibaro HC – connected module heating

Award a clear name, to later on be able to assign it better. For instance “Shortcut Whz underfloor heating”. Next, assign the shortcuts to the respective room – in this example the living room. Afterwards, scroll a bit farther down on the page. There you can find the Dropdown Menu for “Select Sensor”. Very important, on here you need to select your temperature sensor, which measures the room temperature and which is going to control your underfloor heating in the future.

Fibaro HC – Shortcut Temperature Sensor– Control of Underfloor Heating

Fibaro HC – Shortcut Temperature Sensor– Control of Underfloor Heating

After you selected the temperature sensor, you can now add a switch on the button “add module”, in our example the Fibaro Double Relay Switch, which controls the electric underfloor heating valve. In case you have several heating circuits per room, you can add as many more switches as you need on the button “add module”.

Fibaro HC – Shortcut Double Relay (Switch) with temperature sensor
Fibaro HC – Shortcut Double Relay (Switch) with temperature sensor

Heating Control

As described, we use the integrated Heat-Panel of the Fibaro Home Center for this solution. You can find it on the web surface under Control > Heating Control. Apply a new heating zone on here and click on save.

Fibaro HC – Apply a heating zone

Fibaro HC – Apply a heating zone

Assign the just created heating zone to one, or several rooms (via the pencil icon in the left bar, next to the name of the heating zone). Now, adjust the temperature for the respective times of the day to the weekdays according to your wishes. A detailed instruction for creating a heating schedule can be found on my blog: So richtest du im Fibaro Home Center einen Heizplan ein.

Do not forget to save it afterwards ;-)

Fibaro HC- Assigning rooms to the heating zone

Fibaro HC- Assigning rooms to the heating zone

Finished!, from now on the actuators of your underfloor heating are going to be opened, as soon as the actual temperature, which is measured by the temperature sensor, is below the desired value, which is deposited in the heating schedule.

[youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lybtMTez_fo” rel=”0″ showsearch=”0″ showinfo=”0″]

tl;dr – to long, dont read

We established a connection between the temperature sensor and the rely for the electric heater valve. We assigned this connection to the living room. Parallel to that, we also applied a new heating zone with new times & desired temperatures – which we also assigned to the room “living room”. Thus, the Fibaro Home Center has all needed shortcuts.

By the way, this solution does not only work for the example of the underfloor heating – you can also use it for electric heating or electric oil-filled radiator heaters. For this purpose, the only thing that has to be done is to switch a switchable Z-Wave Outlet (adaptor) between an oil-filled radiator and an outlet. It then has to be selected as switch under Control > Shortcuts.

siio via: blog.smarthome.hlc24.de

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