This is how you set up the Fibaro Video-Gate as Door intercom #Tutorial

by HLC24.de2. October 2015

In our last article “controlling scenes with the Fibaro door/window contact – this is how it works!” we discussed the different purposes of the Fibaro door-window contact. This can also be used to intercept the signal of the bell – to send a signal to the Fibaro system as soon as someone rings at the door. With the right setting you can then get a push-notification on your smartphone, and can see who is standing in front of the door and also, by request, open the door, both via App.

What you need:

1 x Home Center 2 or Fibaro Home Center Lite

1 x Camera

1 x Switch to actuate the bell

1 x Switch to open the Gate

The Fibaro System can display pictures from IP-Cameras, which supply a MJPG Stream. Unfortunately, the high-resolution compression method h.264, which is often used for HD Cameras, is not supported. So far, I made good experiences with the cameras from foscam and for this tutorial, I use a foscam FI8910W.

Switch to actuate the bell

The signaler for the “intercepting” of the signal of the bell can be a sensor as well as an actuator. In my case I am using the Door-Window sensor and I am using the binary input. Parameter settings were not changed as the defaults were used, which after successfully adding them into the Z-Wave Network are set automatically.

HLC24 Auszug aus Bedienungsanleitung von fibaro Tür Fenster Sensor Kontakt

Switch to open the gate

To open the gate, only actuators from the list can be selected.


  1. First of all, click the button “Control“ on the Fibaro surface.
  2. Afterwards click on “Shortcuts”

    HLC24 2015-02-23 um 14.07.30
  3. Then, in the area “Video-Gate“ on “Add”


HLC24 2015-02-23 um 14.08.33

4. After that, the newly created shortcut is being named and assigned to a room e.g. “door opener” in the room ”entrance area”

Now, the configurations of the camera as well as the sensors resp. actuators is made

  1. Firstly, a camera is selected
  2. Secondly, the sensor resp. actuator that “intercepts” the signal of the bell
  3. Finally, the actuator that is going to be responsible for opening the door

HLC24 2015-02-23 um 14.10.584.  Concluding, everything is saved with a click on the small disc on the right side.


As soon as someone rings the bell a PUSH notification is being sent to the mobile terminals. Via the Fibaro App (on the second page) you can access the video gate. You can now see, who is standing in front of the door and by request with a click on the button “opened” activate the door buzzer or something similar.


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