Easy LUA scripts part 3: How to change the FIBARO Wallplug´s color

by boomx22. February 2016

Again a new part from our little series. This time we will talk about a virtual device with which you are able to change the FIBARO Wallplug´s color

As mentioned above, this time we do not work on a scene, but on a virtual device, which you can easily import into your FIBARO HomeCenter 2. You find this virtual device together with a proposed icon at the end of this article. Following the logic, only by parameter programmable colors can be set. These colors are white, red, green, yellow, blue, cyan and magenta. It is also possible to turn the colors completely off or to combine colors with a specific power consumption.

Import of the virtual device

If you want to import the virtual device into your FIBARO HomeCenter 2, you have to click the „Devices“ tab and then in the left column on „Add or remove device“. Now you should see the following window:


Here you can click on „choose data“, search the virtual device in your datafiles and import it. After a successfull import you can now find your new device in the „Unassigned“-section.

Adjustment of the „Wallplug Color-VD“

You do not have to make big adjustments in the settings of the virtual device, actually it is just one. You simply need to sign the device-ID of the FIBARO Wallplug in the configuration site oft he virtual device as TCP Port.

Done? Then you already made all needed settings. While testing we noticed that the icon of FIBARO´s Wallplug will not be refreshed immediately. Reason for this is the general wake-up-interval. After a short period of time, the site is refreshed and the icon will show the actual color. The Wallplug itself adopts the settings and changes the color promptly.


Here you can download the virtual device. This is our icon-proposal:


Please take in consideration that you need to set the icon for every button of the virutal device, otherwise a click on one of the buttons will reset it.

By using this virtual device, you are now able to change the color of the Wallplug´s LED-ring within a scene. For example you can set a small and decent display about your security system´s status. Maybe you have other ideas on how to use this virtual device. If you have one (or even more), we would be pleased to read about it in the comment section at the end of the article.

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