Fibaro iPad Tablet App this way you can individually adjust your Dashboard

by crissxcross24. November 2015

This is a short instruction, to how you can adjust the Dashboard of your Fibaro App.

Now, where the tablet is attached to the wall – I reported about the installation of my iPad mini into the wall on here – I can switch all lights and outlets from my kitchen. Sounds cool – but it gets on your nerves when you have to make your way through all the rooms to get to the device. Good thing that you can place you favorite devices, as wells as scenes in the Dashboard of the Fibaro Tablet App.

and this is how it works:

  1. Push both, the very right AND very left button in the top row, and hold them down, until the varying fields turn red.
  2. Wipe out the availability of one, or more not used fields with a “Minus“ symbol.
  3. Select the “Plus” symbol in the field that became free.
  4. A Pop up opens, on there you can chose lights, blinds, alarm, heating … etc. from the categories
    1. you can also select devices or rooms in the lower area of the Pop up
    2. This way individual devices or whole areas in the house can easily be selected.
  5. Select the “select button“
  6. Click the button on the right of the very top to leave the “Adjustment-Mode”
  7. Your Home Screen is now individually adjusted to your needs.



You can download the instruction as PDF on here.

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