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The Philips Hue becomes Ambilight on Amazon Fire TV

by 1. July 2015
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Hui – the Hue becomes the Ambilight with Kodi on Amazon Fire TV. This is how it works …

If you haven’t a Philips TV, you necessarily don’t have to renounce to the Amiblight Feeling – provided you own an Amazon Fire TV and have the colorful lights Philips Hue home.

What do you need more? – On your TV should Kodi Fire, the new XBMC, be installed. How to do that, you learn here: So XBMC Kodi comes to your Amazon Fire TV.  More than a FireTV with installed Kodi (XBMC) and the Philips Hue lights, is not necessary for this little tutorial. So come on!

Philips Hue becomes Ambilight on Amazon Fire TV

Through a further more addon in Kodi (XBMC), Philips Hue are even turn into Ambilight. Since then Philips has open the API for the popular colorful lights, there is an increasing number of third-party providers, who develop apps, addons and tools that transform the Philips Hue to the greatest things.

So you can use the Philips Hue as atmospheric Ambilight on the TV, even if you have no Philips TV with Ambilight. The following addon controls the lights the way, that they shine the current color of the picture on your television. No matter on which source, if you watch a movie over a network or via YouTube channel. The Ambilight effect always works per Kodi (XBMC).

1) Copy Philips Hue AddOn on Fire TV

First, you need the small addon in Zip format. You can download it at GitHub via the “Download ZIP”-button at the right site of this site.

Danach wechselst du in das Tool adbFire, welches wir bereits zum installieren von Kodi verwendet haben (ließ hier nach). Über den Teil “Push/Pull/Delete” kannst du Dateien auf das Amazon Fire TV kopieren. Dazu wähle hier im Dropdown anstelle von addons – > den Punkt: sdcard aus. In der Windows Version von adbFire findest du diese Funktion unter “Sideload File to SDCard Dir”. Klicke danach auf Psuh. Im sich folgend öffnenden Finder Fenster (in der Windows Version klick enoch den Button”select”) wähle die eben heruntergeladene ZIP Datei aus. Fertig, die Datei liegt nun auf dem FireTV bereit.

2) Install AddOn Kodi on Fire TV

You can now get into Kodi via the menu item on your Amazon Fire TV.

Settings > AddOns > “Install from Zip file” of “External memory” > “Download”

Then install the Zip file. It’s almost finished! Now just configure quickly. The option to this you can find in the AddOn settings under services:

Settings > AddOns > Activated AddOns > Services > XBMC Philips Hue

Go to the menu item “Configuration” and then select the point at the top: “Click me for automatic Configuration”. Now you have to click the button on the Philips Hue Bridge once, so that the addon will recieve a link to Hue. That’s it. Your Kodi XBMC has a Ambilight from Philips Hue lights now.

Have Fun ;-)

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