The Z-Wave system also gets a 10-year functioning smoke sensor

by SchwarzeRose6. April 2016

User of a Z-Wave smarthome system can finally use a 10-year functioning smoke sensor. This smoke sensor manufactured by POPP is even an award winning device.

2 weeks ago, I told you about the 10-year functioning smoke sensor for Homematic systems, now Z-Wave users get the possibility to equip their homes with an 10-year functioning smoke sensor, too.
The manufacturer POPP developed their smoke sensor Ei650W, which is inherity able to connect with other sensor of it´s type and is equipped with a 10-year lasting battery, further and increased it about the abillity to be implemented in a Z-Wave system.
The device was elected as the best smoke sensor using long lasting lithium batteries and won an award as best long term working, radio connected smoke sensor. Therefore it is the ideal product to be integrated in a Smart Home system. The smoke sensor with the Z-Wave module is brought to us by the brand POPP and costs around 90 euros: POPP 10-year smoke sensor. Additional functions of the smoke sensor with the Z-Wave system can be read below.


Functions of the Z-Wave Popp Smoke Sensor

The optimized smoke sensor now comes along with a Z-Wave radio-module, with its help it can be integrated into the system very easy. Due to that one cannot only adapt various actuators, but also check the battery status via the Z-Wave central. The first interesting function is that when in danger, residents will not only be informed through an acustic signal, but will also receive a message on their smart phones. This especially serves as an advantage if nobody or only the kids are alone at home. Additionally, reactions of other devices of the Z-Wave system can automatically take action in a case of danger. The lighting of the escape route and the opening of the blades can be taken as examples. Besides that, the smoke sensor has a manipulation protector as well, which excludes the removing of the device by unauthorized persons. The additional alarm function is a special extra, because the device has an inside siren. It can be connected with the alarm scene via the Z-Wave system. As soon as the alarm goes off, the inside siren of the smoke sensor will go off, as well. Though, in another tone as in case of fire – as required by law. Thiefs should be easily frightened by such a noise, in nearly every room.

10 year smoke sensor

10 year smoke sensor

This is how the danger recognition of the sensor works

First of all, it is important that the volume of the smoke sensor cannot be overheard – the 85 db should be enough for this matter. Now we will come to the operation of the sensor. It works via the modern process of the photo-electronic sensors. Hereby, light beams are steadily sent, which can normally not meet an existing photo lens. In case the smoke particles should be inside the sensor, the light beams will be directed to the lens and the smoke sensor will go off. Further on, the smoke sensor comes along with an automatic dust-overcompensation, this way no false alarms will occur. The device also has a self-test-function, which tests regularily and without noises. There also is a big button, with which the smoke sensor can be tested by hand and can be turned on mute. Ultimately, it is also interesting that the testing volume is reduced and that the sensor has bedroom-function which means there is no disturbing flash of the smoke sensor in your bedroom.

The POPP Z-Wave 10-year smoke sensor is already available online, for example on Amazon.

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