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2. October 2015

This is how you set up the Fibaro Video-Gate as Door intercom #Tutorial

In our last article “controlling scenes with the Fibaro door/window contact – this is how it works!” we discussed the different purposes of the Fibaro door-window contact. This can also be used to intercept the signal of the bell – to send a signal to the Fibaro system as soon as someone rings at the door. With the right setting you can then get a push-notification on your smartphone, and can see who is standing in front of the door and also, by request, open the door, both via App.

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27. September 2015

Fibaro Shortcuts: This is how your underfloor heating is going to be smart as well!

Whoever wants to control their underfloor heating with the Fibaro Home Center, can access the function “Shortcuts” and with that, does not even need programming skills.

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1. July 2015

Belkin WeMo LED lights vs. Philips Hue

The smart bulb from Belkin will be available in Germany at the end of november. We could test and draw the comparison to the popular Philips Hue now.

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4. March 2015

Smart Home Market Overview – Home Automation from A to Z

There is a lot that is unclear in the field of Home Automation. Are you supposed to write Smarthome or Smart Home? Which Standard is zappy enough and will really break through? And what is even available in Germany? After all, with time and mass, having to import devices is getting idle and expensive. It follows a hopefully helpful short overview from A to Z.

10 year smoke sensor
The Z-Wave system also gets a 10-year functioning smoke sensor
Z-Weather – Z-Wave presents energy self-sufficient anemometer
The Z-Wave Thermostat – Test: Devolo / Danfoss vs. Eurotronic Comet-Z
Almond+ (Plus) the touchscreen smart home router with Zigbee & Z-Wave in test
Belkin WeMo LED lights vs. Philips Hue
The innovation netatmo anemometer tested against Z-Weather
Fibaro HCL – Part 2: Home Center Lite Web UI & Apps
Bild: © crissxcross
Fibaro HCL vs. Homematic – Part 1: Fibaro HCL unboxing
Piper Camera – All-in-one smart home alarm system with Z-Wave