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28. March 2016

Displaying the netatmo ombrometer & anemometer data in the Fibaro HC2

After we have already integrated the netatmo anemometer and the netatmo welcome into the Fibaro HomeCenter 2, the ombrometer cannot be missing either. How to do it can be read below.

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24. November 2015

netatmo welcome – read the presence-status with the Fibaro HomeCenter 2

After we published the test of the netatmo welcome on Monday, you can already read the camera-API with the Fibaro HomeCenter 2 only 2 days later.

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23. November 2015

The innovation netatmo anemometer tested against Z-Weather

The netatmo anemometer will be available by the end of this week. We had the privilege to test it before it was even on the market. This is our review and a short conclusion in comparison to the Z-Weather.

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22. November 2015

Integrating the netatmo anemometer into the Fibaro Home Center 2 – This is how it works

Chris introduced you all the new netatmo anemometer 2 days ago. We are now going to show you, how to integrate it into your Fibaro Home Center 2.

10 year smoke sensor
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The innovation netatmo anemometer tested against Z-Weather
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Bild: © crissxcross
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