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20. November 2015

Synchronizing (Z-Wave) LED Stripes via Fibaro RGB Module

If you are using several Fibaro RGB Modules, it makes sense to control them synchronously. This is a small LUA script for the Fibaro Home Center 2, which solves exactly that.

Meanwhile, I am already using three Fibaro RGB Modules in our living room with open American-style kitchen that control an LED stripe in the kitchen, an LED stripe behind the banister, and an LED Wi-Fi light. Due to the fact that I feel penetrated from my own apartment, when all LEDs have a different color, a solution had to be found.


LED Staircase lighting purple ©crissxcross

With the following LUA script, as many LED stripes as [...]

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20. September 2015

Z-Wave Fibaro RGBW Controller for the control of LED Stripes

Completely integrate a cheap LED Stripe into the home automation? – That would bring along completely new opportunities in SmartHome.

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