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22. September 2016

IFTTT for the Fibaro HC2 – this is how it works

Everything is possible now! In this tutorial I am going to show you how to address the IFTTT with your Fibaro and also, how to use IFTTT as a trigger. In the given example, we are going to switch the Belkin WeMo devices.

IFTTT should be a term for many of you. It is a free-of-cost web service, which provides so called “Channels” and recipes. The channels on the other hand can be web services such as: Google Mail, Office 365, eBay, Yahoo Weather, Soundcloud, RSS Feeds and so on… However an IoT (Internet of Things) Device, which is a device that can communicate with the internet independently, can also be a channel. For instance the netatmo weather station, Wink Smart [...]

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22. February 2016

Easy LUA scripts part 3: How to change the FIBARO Wallplug´s color

Again a new part from our little series. This time we will talk about a virtual device with which you are able to change the FIBARO Wallplug´s color

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24. November 2015

netatmo welcome – read the presence-status with the Fibaro HomeCenter 2

After we published the test of the netatmo welcome on Monday, you can already read the camera-API with the Fibaro HomeCenter 2 only 2 days later.

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22. November 2015

Integrating the netatmo anemometer into the Fibaro Home Center 2 – This is how it works

Chris introduced you all the new netatmo anemometer 2 days ago. We are now going to show you, how to integrate it into your Fibaro Home Center 2.

10 year smoke sensor
The Z-Wave system also gets a 10-year functioning smoke sensor
Z-Weather – Z-Wave presents energy self-sufficient anemometer
The Z-Wave Thermostat – Test: Devolo / Danfoss vs. Eurotronic Comet-Z
Almond+ (Plus) the touchscreen smart home router with Zigbee & Z-Wave in test
Belkin WeMo LED lights vs. Philips Hue
The innovation netatmo anemometer tested against Z-Weather
Fibaro HCL – Part 2: Home Center Lite Web UI & Apps
Bild: © crissxcross
Fibaro HCL vs. Homematic – Part 1: Fibaro HCL unboxing
Piper Camera – All-in-one smart home alarm system with Z-Wave